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Discover the Heart of Italy on Calabria, Veneto and Lombardia Tours

Have you always dreamed of visiting Italy but weren’t enamoured by the idea of a tour that takes you to see the bare essentials? Look no further than Favotto Tours. We specialise in options that allow you to dive in the deep end of authentic Italian culture. With a wide range of options available, we can guide you through a country that you will remember for a lifetime.

From famous landmarks to Veneto wine tours, experience everything Italy has to offer

As a family owned and operated business, founders and operators Beatrice and Giorgio put an emphasis on giving their clients a travel experience that they won’t soon forget. Calling upon their own Italian heritage, they combine the expected tourist elements with unique options that really set each tour apart from the rest. Whether you are looking for the best Veneto winery tours or simply want to make the most of each region on foot with walking tours, Favotto has something to suit everyone.

Choose from some of the best Lombardia, Veneto or Calabria tours available

We take great pride in offering you a truly remarkable experience from beginning to end. For this reason, our tours promise complete immersion in the local culture – an experience that can be difficult to find amongst other companies.

We currently offer a total of five amazing tours of Lombardia and Veneto, Calabria, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, and the Cinque Terre. Discover the beautiful country and coastal areas of Italy in a way that only the locals see them with the help of our incredibly knowledgeable tour guides. Not only will you be able to take in all the sites that these areas promise, you will gain an insiders glimpse into some of the most intriguing history, delicious cuisine and off the beaten track experiences.

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For your next trip, choose a destination with heart, soul and, of course, delicious food. Choose one of our tours of Veneto, Lombardia or Calabria to experience this beautiful country in its most authentic form.

Contact Favotto Tours on 02 8753 0300 for more information on our tour options or to book your next Italian adventure today.

Immersion tours of Italy. Small groups travelling through Italy on a journey of discovery:
food, wine, art, history and people.



It’s all in a Game of Chess-Marostica

February 19, 2017

In the year 1454, Taddeo Parisio was the ruler and lord of a little town of Marostica, located in the province of Vicenza in the Veneto region of Northern Italy. Lord Parisio had two beautiful daughters: Lionora, who they described as having a beauty that would make angels envious and Oldrada, an equally pretty girl. Lord Parisio had two knights in his service: Rinaldo D’Angarano and Vieri da Vallonara. Both knights professed their declaration of love for Lionora. So intense was their rivalry that they challenged each other to a duel for Lionora’s hand in marriage. It was well know that Lord Parisio was highly regarded for his wisdom and good business sense. These knights were so valuable that he...

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'Take me To Calabria' 2017 Immersion Tour

February 19, 2017

  Favotto Tours will take you on a 10-day immersion tour to the magical southern Italian region of Calabria in 2017 When thinking of traveling to Italy, the must see places include Florence, Rome, and Venice. Yet Calabria, pristine and unspoiled, has everything these northern cities offer -minus the tourists. Very little is written about this southern region of Italy and even today remains a mystery to most travelers. This is your opportunity to explore a new frontier of Italy! Calabria has historically been suppressed from development due to the influence of the Ndrangheta mafia and yet this isolation has enabled Calabria to preserve traditional customs and practices which make Calabria a real gem of Italy. Whilst my family was born...

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Mantua. Sleeping Beauty Awakens!

February 21, 2016

 Sleeping Beauty Awakens!   Mantua or Mantova in Italian, has long been ignored by tourists. Mantua, surrounded by three manmade lakes, created as the city defence system, kept Mantua closed off from the rest of the world. This isolated Mantua from development and is referred to by the Italians as La Bella Addormentata: Sleeping Beauty. Mantua is located 40 km south of Verona and was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2008. Join us as Mantua is about to wake up from its long slumber. The city has been nominated as the cultural capital of Italy for 2016. An award bestowed by the city by the National ministry of Culture which grants Mantua €1 million to complete restoration...

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Opera at the Arena di Verona.

January 11, 2016

A popular attraction and long tradition in Verona is the watching of an opera performance inside the Arena di Verona.This Roman amphitheater built in AD 30 and later rebuilt due to an earthquake in the 12th century holds some of the best opera performances in the world. This is the third largest roman amphitheater after the Colosseum (Rome) and Capua (Campania) in Italy. The  Arena di Verona is the best preserved and has been in use for many centuries. Imagine sitting in this massive and breathtaking amphitheater. As the sun sets and the day starts to cool, the amphitheater is illuminated by the moon and stars overhead. You wait anxiously for the performance to begin, then around 9:00 pm the performers appear...

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