'Take me To Calabria' 2017 Immersion Tour


Favotto Tours will take you on a 10-day immersion tour to the magical southern Italian region of Calabria in 2017

When thinking of traveling to Italy, the must see places include Florence, Rome, and Venice. Yet Calabria, pristine and unspoiled, has everything these northern cities offer -minus the tourists. Very little is written about this southern region of Italy and even today remains a mystery to most travelers.

This is your opportunity to explore a new frontier of Italy!

Calabria has historically been suppressed from development due to the influence of the Ndrangheta mafia and yet this isolation has enabled Calabria to preserve traditional customs and practices which make Calabria a real gem of Italy.

Whilst my family was born and bread from the Veneto region in the north of Italy, I am increasingly enchanted by Calabria since being married to wife Beatrice, of 25 years. I have visited and traveled through the little villages and towns several times and I am always amazed and overwhelmed by the warm, friendly and generous locals, ready to greet you with open arms, to share their home, food, wine, and traditions.


The region of Calabria boasts over 800km of pristine and well equipped sunny beaches. You will most likely find Italians that travel south for the summer to indulge in the warm crystal clear waters.

When you travel through Calabria you will experience a region that is unblemished by modern commercial practices and influences. The food, which is produced using organic farming methods, is bursting with flavor.

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Take Me To Calabria Immersion Tour dates are 8 May to 18 May 2017. Tour groups are limited to 20 people. Visit www.favottotours.com.au for further details. Be quick as spots are limited!


Giorgio Favotto