2020 DATES

1. Calabria Tour: 18 May to 27 May 2020 / 28 Sept to 7th October - download Calabria brochure

2. Puglia Tour: 1 June to 10 June 2020 / 14th to 23rd September - download Puglia brochure

3. Veneto Tour: 31st August to 9th September

WHAT - The undiscovered Italy revealed

Have you always dreamed of visiting Italy but weren’t enamoured by the idea of a tour that offers the bare essentials?  

Yes, it happens a lot.

We will take you on a journey you will remember for a lifetime, teach you how to indulge Italy in the best possible way and create some wonderful memories!

WHY - For us it's not a foreign country

Let us show you the Italy we fell in love with, Italy of our parents and grandparents. We want to share with you our passion for roaming all the small towns and villages where food, wine and joy of life are taken very seriously. We want to take you to the restaurants only locals go to, so you can experience a way of life so different from our own. Let us show you the land that invented the sweet life.

WHO - Two Australians with Italian heritage (and Italian names!) 

Favotto Tours is a family owned and operated business and we take great care of giving our clients a travel experience that they will hold in their hearts forever. Calling upon our own Italian heritage, we combine the expected tourist elements with unique experiences that really set each tour apart from the rest. Whether you are looking for the best Veneto winery tours or simply want to make the most of each region on foot, we have something to suit everyone.

HOW - Small groups, enjoying their journey together

We take great pride in offering you a truly remarkable experience from beginning to end.
For this reason, our tours promise a complete immersion in the local culture – an experience that can be difficult to find amongst other companies and even more difficult to forget!!
We personally are not fans of travelling in big groups and for that reason we will never take more than 20 people with us! Our experience shows that this is the right amount of people to make the whole journey more comfortable, personal, interesting and valuable to each one of you.

WHERE - Our ancestors home, North, North-East & South

Currently we are offering regions we know and love, so we are sure you will have the best experience possible - North & North-East and South of Italy.
North & North-East consist of Lombardy and Veneto /link to tours/ tours and takes 10 days (9 nights), while South of Italy is reserved for Calabria /link to tours/ and it will take the same number of days - 10. (Puglia tour to be released August 2018)

WHEN - May & September, Mild weather & perfect colours


2020 DATES

1. Calabria Tour: 18 May to 27 May 2020

2. Puglia Tour: 1 June to 10 June 2020

3. Veneto Tour: 31st August to 9th September